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Cool Gel Infused Memory Foam Body Pillow Neck Back Support Antimicrobial 50"

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Wake up feeling rested and refreshed with this Cool Gel Memory Foam Body Pillow. It helps your body maintain the right position and posture while you sleep. Gel-infused memory foam, which acts as a cradle for your head, neck and body, lies directly beneath the circular knit top fabric on both sides of the pillow. With a zipper at one end, the cover is removable for easy cleaning. Antimicrobial. 14"W x 50"L. Viscose rayon, polyester and polyurethane. Machine care. Imported.  Keeps you cool and supported.  Cradles your head, neck and body.  Removable cover.



14"W x 50"L

Viscose rayon, polyester and polyurethane

Machine care


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