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Baby Activity Play Plush Turtle Ball Set Storage Portable Development

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This Plush Turtle Ball Pit is a portable play place filled with activities for plenty of indoor fun. Sit your baby inside our exclusive Turtle Activity Bag's soft shell and fill it with the Set of 25 Play Balls for hours of fun! Zip the turtle up to discover other activities on the outside of its shell. Designed for babies and young children (ages 6 months to 3 years), the crinkly textures on the turtle's feet and different colored and textured squares on its shell stimulate developing senses and encourage exploration. One square is a mirror, one is clear plastic, one is felt, one is satin, one is corduroy and four other squares have different patterns. Baby will love to toss the bright, lightweight plastic balls, or just roll around in them. The 3" dia. balls can also be pushed through a special hole in the turtle's shell. The turtle can also be used for toy storage when not in use. Balls, 3" dia. Turtle, 33" x 26" x 6".  A plush pal & play place for babies & toddlers.


Ready to ship by 12/20



Set of 25 Play Balls, 3" dia., each

Turtle Activity Bag, 33" x 26" x 6"

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