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Copper or Silver Embossed Backslash Tiles Self Stick Rooster or Country Star Pattern

  • 1799

Use the Set of 16 Metal Backsplash Tiles to make a bold statement in your bathroom or kitchen. Each tile is easy to install and features one of two embossed designs to help you achieve different looks. 6" sq., each.  Instantly makes an impact.  Set covers 4 square feet!



6" sq., each


To calculate how many sets you will need to order, simply measure the length of the area in inches, multiply it by the width of the area in inches and divide by 144. This will give you your square footage. Next, divide this number by 4 which is the square footage of our set to calculate the number of sets you will need to order. Always round up to the next whole number to ensure you purchase enough tiles to complete your project.

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