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Grill Basket Set Steel Vented Handles Grilling Barbecue Vegetable Fish Seafood

  • 2599

Easily cook your favorite meats and side dishes at the same time with a Set of 3 Grilling Baskets. Each heavy-duty basket has a convenient nonstick coating and 2 handles for easily taking food straight from your grill to the table. Perforated steel design helps food cook evenly and prevents it from falling through the grill grates. Baskets nest together for compact storage.  For an easier, cleaner grilling experience.  Perfect for seafood and vegetables.

Set of 3 includes:

Square, 9" sq. x 1-3/4"H

Circle, 9-1/2" dia. x 1-1/2"H

Rectangle, 12-1/4"W x 7-7/8"D x 1"H




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